Our Partners

Collaborating and Partnering through relationships globally

Global Presence

To facilitate the development and deployment of our solutions and services globally, we have focused on cultivating relationships with providers of enterprise software, infrastructure and systems integrator services critical to enterprises.

We have strategic relationships and reseller arrangements with third parties whereby our support subscriptions are bundled with such third parties’ products and services.

  • Presence in USA, Switzerland, England, Russia, Netherlands, India, Canada, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia, South Africa and Brazil
  • R&D, production and support 50% in USA & Canada and 50% in Switzerland

Strategic relationships

Associate Marketing International (AMI)

AMI is our strategic business partner who also serves as marketing support and oversees our services in Canada.


Data center services provider, serve as reseller partner in Canada but also may serve as a hosting vehicle for AtomicDB cloud customers.

EXO Network

Firm started by former Global head of sales for ORACLE, Rob Zdancewicz. Will represent AtomicDB as partner to entire client base.

Academic partners

Through or work at GE, we created a partnership at the Dartmouth University School of Medicine, using our technology and working in the area of complex data in cancer research. Both of these will write white papers, research papers, present at conferences and spread the word on the value of AtomicDB to the academic community at large.

We also plan when ready to work with them on grant submissions and contests to further development and notoriety.

We have existing development and deployment partners at Dartmouth College, Washington University, and developing relationships with Buffalo University Medical School, NYU, and Stoney brook Medical School 

The Hamlet Group

Over 100 employees servicing over 750 aftercare facilities in North America. Purchase AtomicDB for own internal offerings and also will be a reseller.

Development Partners

Gencode Studios

We are collaborating with Gencode Studios , we have colleagues working on wider developer community interest.

Two such examples include Dr. Athanasios Hatzis in Greece who has developed a Mathematica interface to AtomicDB and has been publishing on this.

Dr. Jenson at Utah State University is reviewing our information now, he has written on associative technology and is interested in writing again on AtomicDB.


ITAG assists American and European software companies seeking to sell their products in US and EU markets with customized solutions addressing particular needs and concerns, a highly qualified team of experienced international executives, and an extensive network of partners and affiliates.

ITAG fulfills its commitment by setting up unique systems of one-on-one prospecting strategies that address today's challenges. ITAG arranges contact between your company and key people such as VP operations, marketing executives, and CIO. ITAG focuses on vertical markets such as banking, financial, Telco, retail, automotive and so forth.

Nova Chips

Nova Chips is a leading provider of a broad range of Flash storage processors and storage drives with breakthrough capacity and scalability. We reimagined Flash storage from the inside out and offer the SSD (Solid State Drive) industry’s most advanced capabilities with high storage capacity for enterprise-class storage applications. Nova Chips products are built upon the company’s unique flash memory architecture, which significantly outpaces the scalability, performance and reliability of SSDs that use NAND Flash.


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