Company Overview

Atomic Information Systems (AIS) Corp. is a full service, application Software development firm, headquartered in upstate New York, providing services globally.

The company has and is continuing to develop state-of-the-art Associative Database technology that will greatly alter the way people can manage large information data-sets and conduct more accurate and reliable business intelligence.

We are more than just disruptive, we are developing massively engineered solutions that are highly efficient and effective. So much so, that companies who consume our solutions must now find ways to spend the time that was taken up prior to using our solutions. 

One of the most valuable things we would like to give you back is your precious time

We own all Trademarks and copyrights to 'AtomicDB'. 

Our Vision

Atomic Information Systems Corp’s vision is to finally be able to fulfill the original dreams of the efficiency of computer science, which to date, has been limited by the relational paradigm.

Our great aim is to approach enduring status by creating a market and changing how organizations think. It will provide the impetus for creating new ways of living, thinking, doing business or solving problems that we didn’t know existed. The next generation companies don’t shake up existing foundations but create new ones!

We are driven by the most obvious adage that ‘data is power’ and the ‘best leaders have the best data’ and we provide the next generation technology that will help store, manage and deal with massive amount of these data, Exabyte’s of data is what we are talking about!

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and deliver state-of-the-art information management solutions, through our proprietary technology ‘AtomicDB’ based on the ‘Associative’ data model.

We seek to harness the power of ‘Big Data’, ‘Complex Data’, ‘Data Analytics and Business Intelligence’ to transform businesses through more effective and efficient management of their valuable data assets.


Jean Michel LeTennier

Jean Michel LeTennier
CEO & President

30+ years background in computer engineering, systems architecture and application design. Leader with problem solving skills, who enjoys challenges and gets results.

Keith Pillich

Keith Pillich

35+ years of experience in the industry. Long time Entrepreneur, professional Funds & Wealth Manager and operations manager as well as Cyber Safety officer with.

Rhonda Greco

Rhonda Greco

30+ years of professional experience in both public and private accounting. CFO/Controller to major multibillion-dollar organizations. Certified career accountant.

Sreeyash Kutty

Sreeyash Kutty
Technology Advisor

20+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry. A multi-faceted, strategic thinker, passionate about using latest technology to solve business problems. 

Ken Rubin

Kenneth Rubin
VP - Sales

50+ years sales and business development veteran with significant client base, and lead our Health & Technology entrepreneurship spaces as well.

Joseph Funaro

Joseph Funaro
VP - Sales

20+ year veteran sales account manager in the Education and Medical area. Visionary IT executive with experience delivering optimum solutions achieving maximum ROI.

Cindy L Ogden

Cindy L Ogden
VP - Healthcare

35+ years experience as Healthcare industry's most trusted advisor. Specializing in Healthcare facilities, Operations, Financing, M&A, Turnarounds, Partnerships and Bankruptcy.


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