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AtomicDB - Associative Database Technology

This associative database will dramatically alter the way large information data sets will be stored, aggregated and managed.


  • AtomicDB or 'Atomic Database' is a true object oriented Associative Database, that is based on 'Associative Technology', 'Associative Data Science', 'Associative Computer', 'Associative Storage', 'Associative Memory', 'Associative Data' and 'Associative Query'
  • AtomicDB will change how Big-Data is accessed and managed; revolutionizing Data Aggregation, Data Correlation, Business intelligence and Data Warehousing!
  • Every data element is an independent object and can be associated to any other data element
  • Every unique data in the field is stored just once, making it a single instance storage database
  • The fundamental architecture of AtomicDB eliminates duplicate data from the entire database
  • It does not manage data structure, Data is the structure and is related by association or reference
  • It has a very small foot print (8MB) and can also be installed on a mobile device
  • No query language, just 7 API calls to access and manage data
  • Highly secure and based on algorithmic multi-level factorial encryption


 Overly complex systems built based on 50+ year old Relational Database technology

 Relational Database architecture is not capable of handling today’s data growth

 Big-Data hype cannot meet or replace Relational Database based systems

 Too many disparate systems in silos created over decades based on Relational Database

 Data explosion leading to exponential growth in storage infrastructure needs

 Large volumes of data leading to unmanageability and loss of information

 Data warehouse design & implementation is very expensive and time consuming

 Frequent Database system upgrade cost to keep up with vendor upgrades

 Time consuming for executives to access business critical information

 Slow Performance with information retrieval, result takes too long to return

 Ad-hoc 'near real-time' reports are near impossible to get in a timely manner

 Introducing new technology disrupts business, introducing errors and risks


Value Proposition

Reduction in storage requirements

Reduction in development time

Reduction in time to market

Less time to set up and configure

Less maintenance

Lower time to utilization

Lower overall cost 

Speed improvement

Do - It - Yourself simplicity

No Query Language needed to filter data

Security based on Factorial encryption

Seamless Multi-database integration

Ability to do OLAP and OLTP in one database

Supports near real-time transaction and analytics

Small footprint (8MB), Efficient on bandwidth

Single instance storage, no duplicate data

Minor schema changes needed for new data

Dynamically switch to critical transaction mode

Only 7 powerful API needed to access data

Energy saving Green Technology



AtomicDB Online

AtomicDBOnline is a SaaS solution targeted to help model, store, visualize and solve big data problem for small and medium size businesses. Only 7 API calls are necessary to access the data which will allow the clients to easily develop solution using AtomicDB as data source.

Offerings -

  • Allow potential customers to experiment and try out
  • Seamlessly aggregate and correlate from various data sources
AtomicDB Enterprise

AtomicDB Enterprise edition

The enterprise edition of AtomicDB is a customized database software that is based on associative technology, which runs efficiently and easily scalable. This is suitable for very large financial institutions and corporations and can deal with peta bytes of data.

Offerings -

  • Designed to aggregate and correlate Petabytes of data
  • Designed to cater to large big-data systems in the world


Information Management

Information Management

We facilitate data consolidation from various disparate sources into a single instance storage AtomicDB Data warehouse.

Offerings -

  • Data Consolidation, Cleansing and De-duplication
  • Information Management, Correlation, Aggregation and Visualization
Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

Our Healthcare comparative analysis service help Healthcare facilities identify inefficiencies in their operating procedure and reduce 15% - 25% on their operating cost.

Offerings -

  • Operating Room - Preference Card processing and Analysis
  • Healthcare services comparative Analysis
Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

We are working with various health care services providers to cross-integrate the systems which will be powered by AtomicDB.

Offerings -

  • Medical data warehouse and unique patient registration system
  • Simplified comparative analytics
Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The next generation AtomicDB will be the only single instance database capable of storing, aggregating and correlating all the data generated by IoT devices.

Offerings -

  • Designed to Integrate, aggregate and correlate data from public sector service providers
  • Designed to integrate data from IoT service providers

Other solutions in the pipeline






To facilitate the development and deployment of our solutions and services, we have focused on cultivating relationships with providers of enterprise software, infrastructure and systems integrator services critical to enterprises. We have strategic relationships and reseller arrangements with third parties whereby our support subscriptions are bundled with such third parties’ products and services.

Associate Marketing International (AMI) Academic partners
Nuvollo Genecode Studios
EXO Network Nova Chips
The Hamlet Group ITAG


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